angle-left 2021 CRISR Annual Meeting
2021 CRISR Annual Meeting

Date: March 10th 2021, time: 5:00pm-7:00pm

Online Meeting:


  • EUsecure project: A 3 -year European project for developing a SimMOOC about security, resilience and sustainability in EU.
  • Unimed Subnetwork on Safety and security of critical infrastructures: 23 Universities from 13 countries in the European Mediterranean area which collaborate for research and education
  • Speeches from participants:
    • Leonardo and the territory secuirty
    • Acquedotto Pugliese and the water security in Puglia


  • APRI: The development of a novel algorithm for preventing the contamination from SARS - COV- 19
  • Data- Driven Models for the resilience of energy infrastructures to support decision making in cyber-physical social systems
  • Preparation of Horizon Europe call
  • Development of a master in security and resilience of critical entities
  • UniMed Subnetwork webinar plans
  • New affiliations